Daylight Natural

Daylight Natural

DaylightNatural is one of Johnson's best selling flat glass films, with a sputtered metal construction that will not fade. Both residential and commercial units can receive the advantages of this, our most popular non-fading sputtered film. Its soft, neutral color blends in well with any interior décor and provides natural outdoor views, while at the same time reducing extreme glare and excessive heat. 

Sunet Bronze

Sunset Bronze

The soft copper shade has broad appeal, on both residential and commercial properties. Property managers appreciate that its application can completely change the exterior look of a multi-story apartment building or a large commercial structure.

Solar Slver

Solar Silver

Solar Silver is one of Johnson's best selling films. Its metal construction offers modern, highly reflective silver shades that will not fade. This highly reflective film was primarily designed for commercial buildings, high-rises, skylights, sunrooms and other areas where excessive heat and glare is unwanted.